Box of Collagen Protein Crumbles (5 bags per box)

The yummiest high protein, healthy food that disguises itself as your GUILTY pleasure!

Freeze Dried Organic Coconut Ice Cream and the highest grade of collagen protein available. This is a guilt free, high protein snack that will soon become your best friend.


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Product Description

You have never eaten your protein this way before!

It tastes exactly like smooth ice cream but it’s low carb, all organic, Keto, Dairy & Gluten Free and it’s amazing.

15 Grams of high quality Hydrolysed Collagen Protein in every 45 gram bag.

You are eating Organic Coconut Ice Cream. We melt the ice cream, we add Hydrolysed Collagen Powder and then we freeze dry. Remember freeze drying removes all the moisture, so 45 grams of these crumbles goes a long way. Eat straight from the pack, sprinkle on your yogurt or ice cream.

There is no better tasting, high protein product than this. We dare you to try to find one.

So this guilty pleasure is actually really healthy, and will keep you coming back for more.



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