Love your gut special

Time to kick that ‘Gut Heath” into gear with our Love your gut special

Whether you are dealing with inflammation, leaky gut, bloating and nausea, or all of the above, this bone broth package is a little slice of heaven for your gut health

Get three of our 12 Pack Chicken Broth Bombs for a once only discounted rate. ( Save $18.85)

Organic Chicken Bone Broth Bombs

1 bomb makes 25oml

1 Pack makes 3 litres of instant Organic Broth

3 packs makes 9 litres of Organic Bone Broth.


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Product Description

Love your gut special

Many of us experience “gut health” issues and they show in many different forms. From inflammation and bloating, nausea, disrupted sleep, lack of energy, allergies and the list goes on.

Bone broth has been known for centuries to help reduce gut inflammation, help line the stomach wall with gelatin to reduce “leaky gut” issues. This nutrient dense, ancient food called bone broth contains up to 17 nutrients, is almost pure protein in the form of collagen and gelatin and just brings a nice little hug to that problem gut of yours.

Whether you are using bone broth as a daily drink, bone broth for cooking, for a bone broth cleanse or coming out of a short of long fasting regime, bone broth is the perfect superfood for this.

Our “love your gut special” is our lowest price on our bone broth bombs and takes away all the hassles of cooking, storing, freezing and wasting bone broth thats gone off. Simply leave in your pantry and pull out whenever you need to. Our bone broth bombs will last 18 months in your pantry when sealed.

Get three of our 12 Pack Chicken Broth Bombs

24 hour cook, 4 hour reduction and freeze dried. These first of their kind Bone Broth Bombs are the cleanest and most convenient bone broth in the world. Whether you want to drink it, use as a stock, grate onto your favourite dishes for amazing flavour, this pack is the ultimate price saver for you. Your “gut” will thank you for it.


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