Bone Broth Bombs- Chicken (Pack of 12)

The healthiest form of protein available.

Our broth is sourced from Inglewood Certified Organic Chicken Farms in QLD. We cook the bones for 24 hours, then we add an additional reduction for over 4 hours and then finally we freeze dry the broth. This carefully dries the broth over 24 hours not damaging any of the key nutrients. This product is NOT dehydrated. Dehydrated food loses some of its nutrients and leave 10% of the moisture still in the food, leaving a less concentrated product and more water weight.


Product Description


These Chicken Bone Broth Bombs are 88% Bio Organic Protein. This is the most natural and healthy way to ingest protein and minerals. We like to refer to it here in the kitchen as “Liquid Gold”. The health benefits of bone broth have been spoken about for centuries.


Pack of 12 Bombs= equivalent to 3 Litres

One bomb makes 200 – 250mls of broth.

Get all the healing and gut health benefits of bone broth in a tasty bomb! Save yourself hours of preparation. Simply rip open this tasty packet of goodness and enjoy all the benefits of organic chicken bone broth in a whole new, hassle and mess free way.

Dissolve in a mug of hot water for a calming cup of bone broth or use as a traditional flavour booster filled with nutritional benefits.

This revolutionary convenient broth is the first of its kind, made using a special drying method that preserves all the healing properties and transforms the broth into a great shelf steady product.

Made with 100% organic, free-range chickens.

No additives or preservatives, gluten free, dairy, soy, sugar FREE. Australian owned and made on the Sunshine Coast.

No refrigeration needed, 12 months shelf life if resealed.

2 reviews for Bone Broth Bombs- Chicken (Pack of 12)

  1. Kate A (verified owner)

    These broth bombs are the best! I use them to make a quick and easy “two minute noodles” with gluten free noodles. Richard also suggested grating these over food and OMG it takes things to the next level! I had a gallbladder attack and have had to cut out all oil so cooking my veggies and tofu in this instead of oil has been easy and delicious. I also have a cup of broth in the afternoon instead of a second coffee. My skin is glowing and I’m feeling more regular. I’ve tried other brands but they don’t compare to this awesome Aussie owned business!

    • boneafidebrothco (verified owner)

      Wow Kate that is awesome news! It’s wonderful that you can use a variety of our products and they have all had such great effects on your health. Thank you for the lovely review.

    • boneafidebrothco (verified owner)

      Kate so glad that you have gotten so many amazing results using our products. It’s definitely why we got into this business, we wanted to help people improve their health with grandma’s magical recipe!

  2. Leisa B

    Got the Chicken Broth Bombs at the Eumundi Markets….. OMG…. its a sensational. We are busy so on Sundays I make up chicken soup. Chunks of chicken breast, pop in the Chicken Broth Bombs, add water and BOMB dinner done for the next two nights. They are so easy to use. I’ve even been known, when not wanting to eat much, to just pop one bomb in a cup and noodles and shallots and ……. enjoy. Brilliant. Have just ordered more. Totally hooked.

    • boneafidebrothco (verified owner)

      Thanks Jodie, really appreciate the feedback.

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