Return Policy and Shipping

Nobody wants to return a product. You get all excited for your delivery and then you have to take your time to contact the company, get the product back usually at your cost and then wait for new product or refund. No thanks!

Luckily for our products they are Freeze Dried and last a very long time and ship well. Its extremely rare for us to have a problem with one of our products but we do need a policy for you in case it happens.

If you receive a product from us that is torn or opened and the food is exposed to the air, or you have opened and the food is soft, please do the following:

  • Take a picture on your phone and send to us upon receiving the product (within 24 hours)
  • Send us the pic and the problem to
  • Wait for us to reply, but please DO NOT decide to eat the product anyway
  • If we do ask you to return the product for a refund, the shipping is on us

We will either send you another order FREE on us or we will credit your account.

Due to the fact that we have only had a handful of return issues in the past 4 years, we do reserve the right to cancel an order made by an individual who has asked for a refund or second product in the past. (Some individuals can be a bit sneaky and look to get a free product. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice… well you won’t 🙂

We legitimately want your order to be perfect in every way. We do not want to make your busy life busier with a return policy if it’s our fault.

When waiting on a delivery from Boneafide Broth Co Pty Ltd:

Delivery times can vary from season to season, state to state, pandemic to pandemic.

If you feel your delivery has been delayed beyond a reasonable time please do the following:

  • Check your texts for the updates from Australia Post or national courier providers we use
  • Check its not waiting at your local PO Box or Post Office
  • Contact us on and please provide the following:
    1. Order number: (if you have it)
    2. First and last name:
    3. Date you ordered:
    4. Phone number so we can call you:

What we will do first is look up your order and check with the tracking information. If order is still in “transit” or “delayed” we will let you know.

If your order is not to be found, we will investigate and get back to you with our findings.

Unfortunately from time to time orders do get lost, but it’s rare. Its usually on its way via “Sweden” (well just feels that way) or its sitting at your local Post Office waiting for you and they just haven’t notified you.

We do try to take your requests for where you would like packages left and leave remarks on the postage stickers but these are not always followed. So sometimes just have a quick look behind that pot plant or gate and it may just be waiting for you there.

We do reserve the right to not refund your money if the wrong address has been provided to us in your order, however we usually are still able to track down your package even in these circumstances.

Thank you, Boneafide Broth Team.

Boneafide Broth Co
P.O Box 364, Noosa Heads,
Queensland 4567
Phone: 0409 318 394