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New Year- New YOU (9 Litres or 36 cups)

It's a New Year, why not start it off the right way. Whether it's weight loss, a great cleanse, detoxing or just starting your gut health off the right way, this pack is designed to make sure you get the most of our your health. Get three of our 12 Pack Chicken Broth Bombs for a once only discounted rate. ( Save $12.85) Organic Chicken Bone Broth Bombs 1 bomb makes 25oml 1 Pack makes 3 litres of instant Organic Broth 3 packs makes 9 litres of Organic Bone Broth.      


“Healthy” 4 minute Chicken Noodles

You don't have to sacrifice your health for 4 minute noodles anymore. These noodles are made from Gluten Free Vermichelli Rice Noodles, Organic Chicken Bone Broth and Himilayan Pink Salt Quick, healthy and yummy! Just add boiling water, wait 4 minutes and stir Full of protein, minerals and salts, this 4 minute chicken noodle broth soup is the only one of its kind Gluten, Dairy and Preservative Free ENJOY!


All Natural Tallow Soaps

All Natural Tallow Soaps Made the way soap should be. Natural Tallow from our Grass Fed Beef. No nasties, no allergens, no chemicals, "real soap" Lasts longer, feels beautiful and absorbs right into the skin.


Tasty Cheddar Cheese Cubes

You have NEVER tried cheese until you have tried “Freeze Dried” cheese! All of the moisture is removed increasing the flavour 10 fold. Stays in your pantry not your fridge, use anytime you want the flavour of Tasty Cheddar x 10 100 gram serving Eat straight from the pack, sprinkle on anything.


Turmeric Shots by “Smooth Jamu”

Turmeric and Ginger health tonic. Reduces inflammation High in Anti Oxidants Reduces muscle soreness Ingredients: Water, Turmeric, Ginger, Tamarind, Lime, Pepper

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Collagen Ice Cream “DUST”- Coco Raspberry

Our signature Collagen Ice Cream now available for a LIMITED TIME as a dust. Sprinkle on your favourite bowl, desert or just add to your smoothies. 100g serving providing over 35 grams of Protein per pack. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Low carb and Keto.9.95


Prebiotic Tonics

Choose from: The Detoxer. Pear and Lime Prebiotic Tonic. Lemon Spritz. Lemon Lime and Herb Immune Booster. Turmeric and Fruits 15 servings per bottle. No Caffeine, Alcohol or Yeast Feed your gut the delicious way. 30ml diluted in a large glass of still or sparkling water. Add to water bottle and sip throughout the day. Beautiful, refreshing tonic that can also be added to your favourite salads

Unique Sea Salts

These amazing hand made Sea Salts from Fat Wren Farm come in three unique flavours: Cabernet Chilli and Bay Leaves Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry Using Australian Sea Salt and other Australian ingredients, these salts are great for cooking, cocktails and most importantly our Bone Broth! Big thick flakes and amazing real food flavours.

Collagen Powder Single Serve-20 grams of Protein

High quality Collagen Protein 20 grams of protein per serve Add to smoothie, coffee or protein shaker Two flavours. Chocolate  or Vanilla No aftertaste, not grainy, have hot or cold