Broth Bombs

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“Autumn” wholesale deal save $66

Our once a year deal where we reveal wholesale pricing to all of our customers. Dont miss out this week only! One box of 5 x 12 Broth Bombs packs 15 litres of Organic Bone Broth. Can stay in your pantry for years if needed. Save $66 in total


Love your gut special

Time to kick that 'Gut Heath" into gear with our Love your gut special Whether you are dealing with inflammation, leaky gut, bloating and nausea, or all of the above, this bone broth package is a little slice of heaven for your gut health Get three of our 12 Pack Chicken Broth Bombs for a once only discounted rate. ( Save $18.85) Organic Chicken Bone Broth Bombs 1 bomb makes 25oml 1 Pack makes 3 litres of instant Organic Broth 3 packs makes 9 litres of Organic Bone Broth.


Bone Broth Bombs- Chicken (Pack of 4, 8, or 12)

The healthiest form of protein available. Our broth is sourced from Inglewood Certified Organic Chicken Farms in QLD. We cook the bones for 24 hours, then we add an additional reduction for over 4 hours and then finally we freeze dry the broth. This carefully dries the broth over 24 hours not damaging any of the key nutrients. This product is NOT dehydrated. Dehydrated food loses some of its nutrients and leave 10% of the moisture still in the food, leaving a less concentrated product and more water weight.