Privacy Policy

At Boneafide Broth Co, Pty Ltd we take your privacy very seriously.

This Privacy Policy will help you understand how we collect, use and share information about you when you use our social platforms and our website

We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. The use of information collected through our website and our Chatra Chat Window shall be limited to the purposes under this privacy policy.

There are different ways in which we can collect your personal information:

  1. Via our website “store” and “checkout” process (making a purchase from us)
  2. Via our digital newsletter (if you sign up for the newsletter)
  3. Via our “Chat” window
  4. Via our Social Media Platforms Facebook and Instagram
  5. Via our phone contact or live at Farmers Markets (only if you provide for us for further information and communication)
  6. When filling out our “testimonial” page (limited to what information you wish to leave)

When collecting information it may include:

  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Physical address
  5. Credit Card Details
  6. Postcode
  7. Preferences
  8. Other information requested by us from you

Some information we may receive through our third party “chat Window” called Chatra may not be an individual identifier of you but provide details like:

  1. IP address
  2. The type of browser you are using (on your computer or phone)
  3. General demographic information like state or city (but not town or street)
  4. Pages you view and the sequence you view them through our website
  5. Time spent on each page including “checkout”

At Boneafide Broth Co we use our “chat window” to answer questions for you, share information with you and it also guides us to see what pages people may be stuck on and help with site navigation and product education.

When using our chat window it gives you the option to stay anonymous and chat or leave your information for us to contact you in case we are not available at the time you are logged on.

Do we use cookies on our website?

Yes we do!

Any website that requires people to make purchases will use “cookies” to allow the system to remember you next time you wish to purchase. It also allows your computer to remember our website for easy reference for future contact or purchases.

These can be disabled by you at anytime through your browser by refusing or blocking cookie functions. You may lose some functionality on our website if your restrict or block cookies and will be required to fill in all details each time you make a purchase.

Why do we collect your information and how do we use it:

We collect your information for a few reasons including:

  1. Ease of transactions on website
  2. Ongoing communication and updates on products and new releases (only if you follow us on social media or provide your details for newsletter)
  3. To know who we are communicating with in our “chat window”
  4. To provide your information to Australia Post or the other Courier services used by us to ship your orders to your location
  5. To create orders, transaction records (credit card companies require this information)
  6. Tax invoices and receipts
  7. Other transactional and customer service related processes (following up with delivery companies on delayed or lost products)
  8. Providing refunds

Do we share your private information:

Your information is shared in a few different situations:

  1. With the Credit Card company when making a purchase on our website
  2. With Post Office or local courier companies when setting up postage and pick up services for your orders


The security of your information is paramount and we do not on-sell any of your information or data. We only work with well known and secure third parties such as Square, Stripe, Afterpay, PayPal. Please check their Privacy Policies as each one will have their own policy when dealing with your personal data provided by us and we of course cannot control their policies

While we use all professional and digital means to protect all of your private information, we cannot guarantee that it will always be safe as data breaches have occurred with other third party, global providers.

Privacy Policy changes:

From time to time, changes in our Privacy Policy may change as laws change or when using additional third party operators. Your continued use of our website now and after any updated changes indicates that you accept the amendments. For more information about Australian Law and Privacy, please visit

If at anytime you would like to have your private information removed from our database and our newsletter, please e-mail and we will remove your information within 48 hours of your request or sooner where possible.

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