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Not only do they have amazing stuff the collagen crumble is divine – but the customer service is a refreshing change thanks so much you are the best


I first tried the chicken broth crisps on a whim seeing them in a health food store and was immediately impressed with the flavour – super intense umami.

I am trying to maintain a largely paleo (sometimes primal) diet for health reasons – not because I want to deprive myself.

The Bonefidebroth co snacks are a great option for me when I feel like a nice crispy snack that won’t blow the eating plan. I strongly recommend!

Anwen Batchelor

I’m totally addicted to adding these bombs to almost ALL my cooking… stir frys, nacho mince, soups, fried rice. Crushed into crumbs. The possibilities are endless.

Such a healthy alternative to your additive, salt filled, nutrient void supermarket options & its Australian made & owned.

Thanks Team for bringing this product to life.

Sarah Hansen

Seriously can not get enough of this product!! You can taste the love that goes into it!

It is super easy to use, super easy to store and so damm delicious.

No matter what I cook with this broth it makes it taste and feel like Grandma made it, filled with love!

Thank you so much legends

Tracee Wilcock

Chicken Broth Crisps are very moreish. Broth Bombs are fantastic. Kids have been making delicious gluten free/dairy free meals with them. Very happy customer

Alecia Klinkhamer

I discovered this incredible brand by the amazing Richard over a year ago and my love for this brand only continues to grow!

Not only are every single one of these product so bloody delicious (sometimes too delicious as I go through all my goodies too quickly!) they are so incredible for the health.

The improvement of my hair, skin, nails and overall well-being since introducing these products into my diet has been truly astounding. My personal fav products are the collagen cookies, the beef broth bites and chicken broth bombs.

There is so much love and integrity that goes into these products and I can wait for you all to experience and taste this MAGIC – trust me when I say you’re body (including those taste buds) will thank you for it!

Annabella Joske

I just received my 1st delivery (3 packs of 12) of the chicken broth bombs, and OMG I can’t believe how superb tasting they are and easy.

I have been making chicken broth for a while now for my daughter who has digestive issues and was recommended by our functional medicine practitioner to heal her gut with broth and lots of it. Taste is amazing, real organic ingredients for optimal gut-healing.

Thank you so much Richard for caring enough to create such a fantastic product.

I have just bought another 4 packs, stocking up!!!!!

Anna-Maria de Freitas

Having battled Lupus for 22 yrs & then Helicobacter for the past 18 months as a result from medication & I didn’t realise how poor my diet had contributed as well including too many sugars my gut health a mess.

I kept reasonable fitness as a lifesaving for 16 yrs & defied a lot of odds to become a lifesaver battling my Lupus. Through lifesaving it not only saved me but this is where I conquered many health issues & I had another one to deal with.

At our Surf Club at Noosa, this is where I met the lovely Sharlene Kelly & Head Ski Coach of NHSLSC who recommended I try Bonefida products to try help clear my helicobacter as good Gut healthy will help you around with your well being. As I suffer Depression & anexity with my Lupus.

I had Mentioned I had taken time out to fully look at getting a better balance with my health & Went to the incredible Dr Vivienne Taylor to find some answers for my whole well being. This is where Helicobacter was picked up. I was placed on heavy medication & told to seek a special diet incorporating Bone broth. I tried to do it myself & others doctors told me once you had the medication is supposed to clear it.

However, I was getting sicker & sicker & my whole body wasnt working properly & ended up in hospital. I finally returning to my specialist Dr Vivienne Taylor placed on medication again & this time contacted Sharlene about bone broth & Bonefida products & never looked back. Helicobacter not treated properly could possible lead to Stomach Cancer.

I had instant relief as there were times I couldn’t eat anything only have Chicken or Beef Broth with a coconut cookie in between.

I Still & will continue to use Bonefida products Chicken Broth & beef Bombs mixed with some chicken meat & vegies & of course the tasty coconut bites & cookies as they are so delicious & melt in your mouth.

Both the lovely Sharlene & her husband Chris & along with Richard guided me with great advice, extra knowledge & support during a a very difficult time.

I have since had the all clear and it’s the best I have felt in all these years. My stomach has finally settled.

I am grateful for my chats with Sharlene at our club which lead me to Bonefida & her amazing team who lead me the road to good gut health.

Thank you very much

Little Jo Power

I love these chips, they have the most amazing texture and flavour, I’m addicted, but they are so tasty, honestly you must try these.

David Owen

My goodness these products are so delicious. The cookies are an unusual texture and so delicious it’s hard to stop, my favourite is the Macadamia and Ginger.

The crisps are literally melt in the mouth and the Thai flavoured broths and Broth Bombs will be my new ‘go to’ this winter for an afternoon snack instead of a coffee hit.

I’m looking forward to using the Chicken and Beef Broths too, when making my homemade soups over winter.

To all at Bonafide, thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Angelika Mueller

Too good to stop, but so good for you, you don’t have too! I am addicted to the Chicken Protein cookie, having just started by bariatic weight loss journey these cookies have been my saving grace.

They are crunchy, delicious and almost all protein, which is exactly what I need right now. Thank you Boneafide for such a delicious snack.

Melissa Twigg

Your company deserve all the success with your venture as its obvious that you really care about your product and customers.

I am sending a packet of crisps to a relative in the U.K, I hope you deliver overseas!!
Thank you once again,

A customer for ever!

David Owen

Hi, You inspire me and I love your products. I love supporting Aussie small businesses that are doing their bit for the health of everyone. You should check out one company I buy on line from as I reckon would be perfect in your products.

Company is called Lupins for Life, a true NSW based small family paddock to plate story making incredible lupin products….KETO,LOW GI,….These products I adopt into all my meals and they truly are great and have helped me transform my own health.

Keep up the great work!

Jen Steele