We proudly talk OUT LOUD about where we source our world class ingredients from for the products we create.

Whether it’s our Certified Organic Chicken or Grass Fed Beef, our Organic Coconut Yogurt or Organic Coconut Ice Cream and many other ingredients, we use local farmers and businesses based in Queensland and the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Inglewood Organic Farms for our Certified Organic and Pasture Raised Chickens…psst they even feed their chickens apple cider vinegar

Kandanga and CGL Beef Farms for our Grass Fed Beef..our kids go and ride the tractors and visit the local cafe at Kandanga Farm. Tim and Amber are beautiful people.

Queensland Yogurt based on the Sunshine Coast ranges. Providing Coconut Yogurt of the highest quality.

COYO based on the Sunshine Coast providing yummy coconut yogurt based ice creams.

Ginger Factory in Yandina for our local ginger from Buderim Ginger. 70 years locally growing ginger. You gotta try their Ginger Scones with cream, we can’t keep Sharlene away from there.

Nutworks in Yandina for our local macadamia nuts.