There is a reason why we chose the most expensive, slow and high labour process of drying that we did. It simply makes the healthiest dried food available!

Freeze drying is a process that slowly removes up to 99% of the moisture in food without damaging nutrients along the way.

It is the only drying process that places the food in a state of suspended animation without having to add any additives or preservatives.

Imagine taking a food that is freeze dried right at its been grown and in season.

This food can then be packaged and even up to 10 years later it can be opened and once moisture is added, will return to its original state.

Just at though it was just picked yesterday, maintaining taste and all of its nutrients.

Over 100 years old, this technology was used to freeze dry blood and make available to reconstitute on the battle field without refrigeration and placed back into the bodies of wounded soldiers.

Traditionally used to dry fruits and vegetables, Boneafide Broth Co was the first company in the world to freeze dry bone broth and has continued to lead the world in freeze drying with its organic coconut yogurt and ice cream cookies and bites.

This technology has allowed the business to create incredibly healthy food, allergen free, preservative and additive free, that sits in your pantry or in your backpack without any need for refrigeration or cooling.