Frequently Asked Questions about our Organic Bone Broths

If using as a drink, just drop into your mug and add boiling water and bomb will dissolve completely within seconds. If using to make a stock, just use one Broth Bomb to make 250mls. If making a litre just use 4.

Yes all of our Chicken products are made from Organic and Free Range bones that all come from the same place, Inglewood Farms in QLD

Yes both our Beef and Chicken Products are Free Range

Great question. When you use Non Organic bones you may be ingesting a lot of chemicals you didn’t plan on getting with your broth.

Non Organic farms process, chicken feed, chilling process can all expose that animal to toxic chemicals. Just in the chilling process alone, many farms use a “spin chill” process that loads the chickens into an ice slurry that has chlorine or bleach in it.

This chills down the chickens quickly but covers the chickens in Chlorine. the feeding process can contain Hormones and Pharmaceutical products to speed up chicken growth and to offset many diseases that chickens get when stuck in one place with many other chicken around.

When you choose Organic and Free Range chickens you tend to avoid many of these chemicals. However if the farm that has Organic Feed uses Pesticides and Insecticides on their property, this too can also end up in your chickens body.

The right farm and farming process is critical and thats why we choose Inglewood Organic Farms for our chickens.

An Organic Bone Broth will consist mostly of Collagen/Gelatin (high protein) and a lot of minerals like Iron, Vitamin A and K, Fatty Acids, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium and other minerals

We chose freeze drying as it is the gentle way to dry broth and other foods. The process retains nearly all ingredients during the drying process, unlike dehydrating that can damage and lose some nutrients as it dries.

It also removes up to 98% of all the moisture from the product, meaning that preservatives and additives are not needed to stop the product from going off. Many dehydrated products will retain more moisture that means more stabilising is needed through salts or preservatives.

Check other brands to see how they stabilise their dehydrated or liquid versions, salt is usually high on the list

We add nothing to our broths in the cooking process or the final process before packing. Our broths are made from one ingredient (Organic or Grass Fed bones) and thats it.

We don’t use Apple Cider Vinegars or salts.

The sodium in our broth is 100% naturally occurring and comes from the bones itself, no salt is ever added.

All of our broth products are allergen free. They are Gluten and Dairy Free, keto, Low Carb and Fod Map friendly. No onions, garlic, sugars, preservatives or additives.

Our products are all designed to sit in your pantry. Once opened, all you need to do is reseal after use and they will sit happily in your pantry for 18 months or more.

They do not need to ever sit in the fridge, even after being opened

We chose to make most of our broths “naked” due to the growing number of people who have allergens and we wanted to give the consumer the choice to add what they like.

Also many people use our broths as their stock, and they are adding to their meals so just pure organic broth without additional flavours is what most people want here

You bet they can. Many people not only drink our broth but use us for their stock. One Broth Bomb is equal to 250mls as a stock.

Just drop into hot water and they instantly dissolve and disappear.