ABC’s of Bone Broth

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Bone Broth is starting to be understood for all of it’s good ness and how it helps to heal the body, especially the gut lining. It has though been around for a very long time. Soups, stocks and broths have all been created over centuries, it’s a true ancestral source of health. Many are starting to refer to it as the latest discovered “superfood”

Bone Broth is derived from cooking different animals bones and meat for usually between 12-24 hours and then strained from the bones. The animals joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones are all broken down during this process and release their minerals, but especially the Collagen in the form of Gelatin.

It’s hard to find anyone who dosen’t feel better after drinking bone broth, it just feels soothing, it quietens down an angry gut and it feels satisfying to the body.

Different processes will produce different results in terms of what is released from the bones and the skin, meat etc

Our process uses Organic wings and frames and is cooked for 24 hours. Truth be told, it’s probably considered a stock more than it is a broth, but they serve the same purpose as it can be used as a stock or a drink.

The one BIG difference between our Bone Broth and all the other broth in the world is that we use the gentle drying process of freeze drying. This process ensures that nutrients are kept in tact and this also preserves the flavour. Once you add water back to our Broth Bombs, it’s no different than cooking your own Organic bones for 24 hours.

So getting back to the Bone Broth abc’s.

  • Arginine: Helps with immunity
  • Calcium and Magnesium: good source of electrolytes
  • Chondroitin Sucrate: inflammation
  • Collagen and Gelatine:gut lining and food allergies
  • Glucosamine: digestion
  • Glutamine: Metabolism
  • Glycine: Liver health
  • Hyaluronic Acid: cells
  • Phosphorus: Circulation
  • Proline: joints

Left Coast Performance guide to Bone Broth by Ana Residorf

Now there may not be large quantities of many of these minerals listed above, but many people today lack a lot of these essential, nutrients, so any bit helps.

Also many people are becoming obsessed with Collagen, but the healthiest and less manufactured form of collagen is bone broth, not your powdered collagen powders.

Many of these have been acid washed and over manufactured and many have additives to thicken up the collagen and to add nasty artificial flavours.